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Webmaster resources and forums


Keywords Some great webmaster resource sites:

News, tutorials, tools, and software downloads for web authoring.

W3 Schools
Great site with resources and tutorials

Web Developer's Virtual Library
News, tutorials, and reference material focusing on technical web development topics.

Includes HTML tools, free tutorials, development software, shareware and freeware downloads.

Dan's Web Tips
Detailed explanations of topics including browsers, markup, servers, and search engines.
Tutorials, reference materials, free scripts and resources.

Dynamic Drive
DHTML Comprehensive information featuring scripts and tutorials.

Large  PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal


Some great Webmaster Forums to stay on top of what's going on:

Webmaster World
Huge website of great quality with tons of forums for webmasters from search engines to many other topics.

Mainstream Webmasters
Forum and resources for for mainstream webmasters

Netpond > For adults only
Huge list of forums and resources for the adult websites webmasters

Great forums covering search engines, marketing, site design, e-commerce and more>

Search Engine Forums
Covering the main search engines as well as also marketing and e-commerce besides other topics

High Rankings
High Rankings search engine optimization forum

SEO Chat
Search engine optimization forums covering most Search engines and directories and related topics.