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Submit your site to the search engines

Keywords First you need to know that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Search use crawlers to spider the web they will find your site even if you don't submit as long as you are linked from another website, so many webmaster dont even submit their site anymore and just let the Se's find them for themself, some say that is a better way. For more on submitting web sites see also this page.

All links will open in a new window so you can just submit and when done close that window and come back here.

Here are some addurl's so you can submit your sites:


Yahoo addurl
MSN Search addurl
GigaBlast addurl
SearchIt addurl
Snap addurl
BigFinder addurl
Acoon addurl
Alexa addurl
Aesop addurl
Abacho addurl
Searchengine addurl
EntireWeb addurl
DailyOrbit addurl
Scrub the Web addurl
Splat addurl
Big Clique addurl
Subjex addurl
Burf addurl
Cipinet addurl
Amfibi addurl
Infotiger addurl


Here are some directories with instructions on how to submit your sites:

Yahoo Directory - Paid instructions here
DMOZ - Free instructions here
Tygo - Paid instructions here
Zenome - Free instructions here
Superpages - Paid instructions here
Yellow Pages - Paid instructions here
Best of the Web - Paid instructions here

Here is a handy tool that lets you find more places where to submit your sites: Inbound Linker.