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What is a good website layout

I'm often asked what a good website layout is, well the fast answer is make it user friendly, every page should be reachable with no more the 3 clicks from any page. Normally what I do is have a main page (the index page) then sub menus and from there the content pages in linked as shown in this example:


  • From Index have a link to each subtopic and back to index

  • From Each subtopic have a link to the sub pages

  • On every page have have a navigation menu (text link on top, bottom or in a side bar) that leads to index and subtopic 1, 2 and 3

  • For best results use text links and have the keyword you want to use in there.

  • When doing link exchanges have most pointed to your index but a few to some of the important sub pages also.


Image Slide show for your Webpages
See this example here at the Website, from the main page you can go to each sub page the different restaurants they promote and from each restaurant page to the sub pages (that show location of each one, menu etc.). Also see again this page on website navigation, make it as user friendly as possible.

If anybody wants to research a bit more about site structures read this:
Search Engine Theme Pyramids
(See also the related links on that page on the bottom)