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Free Online Search Engine Tools


Here are some free online search engine tools:

Link Check Popularity Tool
Checks for the number of links reported for any given website on Google, Alta Vista, MSN, Yahoo, HotBot, and alltheweb.

Google, Yahoo Quick Check
Checks for your position, on any given keyword, in Google and Yahoo simultaneously.

Google Sets
A very cool tool to help you create keyword sets in the same family.

Hub Finder
This tool provides a good way to find backlink neighborhoods.

View Trend
Reports of your current and previous Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and incoming links for your website.

Keyword Density Analyzer
keyword density and word depth calculator

Keyword Suggestion Tool
This is a handy little tool will show you the results of your query from both Wordtracker and Overture for determining which phrases are searched most often.

Search Engine Script
Put Search Functionality On Your Website

Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer
Quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization.

Provides detailed reports on various aspects of your web pages including: Broken Links, Misspelled Words, HTML Validation, Load Time Analysis, Meta Tag Optimization, Image Optimization, etc....

META Tag Analyzer
Using this tool you can: - See how search engine robots analyze your web site - Receive tips on how to improve your Meta Tags - Check the keywords used on the page and find the keyword density.

META Tag Generator
Wizzard that builds the meta tags for you. Here is another one.

Google Search Counts Tool
Get a very good estimate of how many searches a keyword gets on Google every month. Use this to maximize your AdSense or Adwords performance.

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