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Free tools for webmasters


Here are some Free tools for webmasters:

Htaccess Disable Hotlinking Code Generator
If people are 'hotlinking' to your image files, they are using your bandwidth which you will ultimately pay for.

Password Protection Code Generator
Password protect folders using htaccess. Users will need to enter their username and password to gain access to the folder.

Email Form Submission Generator
You can use this generator to create the entire form for your email form including all fields, or skip the 'form items' section and just fill out the 'submit properties' to retrieve the code used for emailing forms.

Stylesheet Code Generator
Use CSS to set your font/colour values for your website.

Javascript Banner Rotator Generator
This script lets you generate code online to roate banners on your web pages.

Bookmark Code Generator
Create a 'bookmark this page' link.

Email Riddler
Email Riddler is an online tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it on your web site, making it impossible for spammers to harvest it from your site.

Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools
More than 290 tools listed in 12 categories

Search Tool with complete page analysis for each result

onMouseover Link Effects
Description: A CSS script that changes the appearance of links in a document upon mouse over.

Popup Window Generator
Popup window Generator to easily add popup windows to your site.

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