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HTML TIPS web page design tips traffic generating ideas and how to make money with your website

At HTMLTIPS.TK we show you a few simple ways to give a little twist to your web pages, tips to improve the design, a few hints how to get more traffic to your sites with search engines including links to great resources, some cool free tools for webmasters, plus how to make some money with your websites.

Basic design ideas Make money with your website Cool visual effects
The forest and the trees Make money with your website Backgrounds
Navigation Sponsor programs Use those tables
Content Target your traffic  Animated gifs
HTML color pallete If you have never built a website here is an easy guide how build your first website. Image slide show
Html link tips Java lake effect
How to get traffic Free Tools for Webmasters Links & Resources
Search engine basics Search engine tools Webmaster resources & forums
Keywords and where to use them Submit to the search engines Web design tutorials
Web site layout Free tools for webmasters How to register a domain name
Traffic generating ideas Free tools for graphics Where to host your website
Where to buy traffic Free stuff  for webmasters Books on HTML